Kitolod Flower Heals Farsightedness, Cylinders, Cataracts etc.


The plant of kitolod or jangar flower / flower grows wild in the bushes, in live, on the edge of the ditch ditch no benefit.

Just realized, God for any surely there are wisdom and benefits, it turns out the flowers have tremendous benefits to treat various eye diseases such as cylinders, cataracts, nearsightedness, farsightedness, minus eyes, plus, pain and sore on the eyes.

My friend says five star flowers (kitolod) because of the number of five petals (probably very) because of his experience with this flower is never forgotten is cataract eye disease of the mind.

His son who is still 4th grade elementary school should wear glasses and look uncomfortable. After being treated with kitolod way by dripping the water of kitolod flower dye regularly in few months, finally healed.

Apparently after reading a book about herbal remedies, kitolod flowers in it there such as politerol, alkaloids, flavonoids, and samponi that can treat some eye disease.

For the treatment of ways:
1. Pick a few stalk kitolod stalks, then input into a glass that contains clean water, let stand a few minutes.
2. Then take, drop the tip of the stem on the right and left eye (each two drops) or on the sore part of the eye only.
3. At the time of use, the eyes feel sore and feel sepet. It only briefly, then do repeatedly, at least 3x a day.
Feel the results a few days later.

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