Dangers of Consuming Carbohydrates Overrated


Carbohydrates become the main source of typical food of the population in Indonesia. The consumption of white rice has become a habit for a long time. But it turned out that eating foods that contain excessive carbohydrates was not good for health.
Carbohydrates become a source of energy because it can be a processed body into a more refined sugar substances. All the digestive organs that use carbohydrates can be in trouble because the body gets too much sugar.
What are the risks of excess carbohydrates?
Excess carbohydrates are very risky with various diseases. This disease may not be immediately realized because of the habit of consuming high amounts of carbohydrates.
The following are some of the risks of consuming carbohydrates in excess.

1. Type 2 Diabetes
When consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates, the glucose content obtained for the body is also higher. Glucose is a sugar substance used by the body and the brain to continue working. The glucose produced in this process has also gotten out of the digestive tract and enters the bloodstream. When there is a lot of blood sugar levels the pancreas needs more hormones to produce insulin.
If the condition persists it can cause blood sugar levels that are too high or more commonly referred to as type 2 diabetes.

2. Stacking of Dental caries
Dental caries is a problem that occurs because the hard tissue of the tooth is damaged. Overloaded with food. The translucent layer will crumble slowly.

3. Heart Disease
The content of triglycerides in people who often consume carbohydrates was high. Triglycerides are one type of fat that is not healthy for the body and flows in the blood.
Consumption of carbohydrates can cause cholesterol levels in the body so it can also increase various types of heart disease such as hardening of the arteries, stroke, coronary heart disease and other types of diseases that attack the heart's organs.

4. Excessive Fat Production
Consumption of carbohydrates can also cause the rotation of fat in the body becomes more severe. Insulin produced by the pancreas will be processed from the liver to all the organs of the body that require fat.
Each organ will use fat reserves according to body functions and activities. For that excessive consumption of carbohydrates can also cause fat rotation in various part of organs that may not be used optimally.
Excessive fat in the body can also cause stomach acid to rise.

5. Metabolic Syndrome
Carbohydrate content that is too high in the body can cause resistance to insulin. This becomes more severe because insulin resistance is usually accompanied by too high uric acid problems, high blood pressure and blood clotting problems. Metabolic syndrome can cause very serious diseases such as heart attacks.
The metabolic syndrome of the body can also affect symptoms of thick blood and muscle fatigue.

6. Obesity
Consumption of various types of foods that contain carbohydrates can also cause obesity or overweight. This condition usually occurs because people who eat many sources of carbohydrates have never done any exercise or exercise. Carbohydrates cause the stomach to be more easily hungry because of the very short satiety.

7. Cancer Risk
Fruits and vegetables are body armor from cancer or vice versa can be a trigger of cancer, while foods containing carbohydrate sources tend to cause colon cancer. When carbohydrates are consumed with fat and protein then the risk will be higher. Bowel cancer becomes a higher risk due to accumulation.

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