4 Causes of Stroke at Young Age


You must be very worried about stroke. The following are the causes of the stroke at a young age:
1. High blood pressure
High blood pressure can occur at a young age, and will not be detected if not checked into the health center on a regular basis. This is because high blood pressure does not give specific symptoms.
High blood pressure can cause bleeding strokes from broken blood vessels. This risk increases if there are abnormalities of blood vessels of the brain, such as aneurysms or other congenital abnormalities that cause changes in the structure of blood vessels.

2. Atherosclerosis
Stroke can be caused by the process of atherosclerosis in the blood vessels in the neck and brain. In some people with strong genetic factors (bloodline), narrowing of blood vessels takes place more rapidly.
Smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity at a young age add to the acceleration of atherosclerotic plaque narrowing process. This can lead to stroke at a young age.

3. Heart rhythm abnormalities (Atrial fibrillation)
Heart rhythm abnormalities are one of the factors causing a stroke at a young age and are still often overlooked. This condition is caused by micro-disorders in the heart structure, which can be the result of previous heart attacks.
At a young age, the microstructural abnormalities caused by the impact of the heart muscle disorders and heart valve abnormalities or wall. The main complaint of heart rhythm abnormalities is palpitations. Abnormal heart flow causes the heart's contractions to be out of sync. As a result, arise blood clots that can clog blood vessels of the brain.

4. Cardiac structural disorders
Abnormalities in the heart valve due to narrowing of the valves or heart valves that do not tight make some of the heart space enlarged. Leakage on the walls of the heart chamber can also result in some heart space enlarged.
This can lead to arrhythmias or heart rhythm disturbances, called atrial fibrillation. In addition, swelling of the heart space can cause the ability of heart contraction is greatly decreased.
It causes blood to coagulate in the heart chamber. A blood clot formed from this thickening can cause a stroke.

Then what to avoid in order not to become the next victim:
- Regularly check your cholesterol.
- Supervise intake and diet.
- Enjoy life without cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.
- Regular exercise like walking routine 30 minutes every day.
- Take control of your weight.
- Avoid stress.
- Watch your blood pressure.

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